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“Value-engineering: An organized approach to identify efficiently costs that do not contribute measurably to a project’s quality, utility, durability, or appearance, or to the owner’s requirements”(1)
Concrete Structures’ approach to maximizing owner value consists of a multi-step process:

Alternative Studies

Assist the Owner’s project team in evaluation of various structural alternatives for:

A. Initial costs
B. Aesthetics
C. Constructability
D. Serviceability
E. Life-cycle costs
F. Schedule

Constructability Reviews

Assess project constructability issues relative to cast-in-place concrete:

A. Site restrictions
B. Material availability
C. Construction equipment requirements
D. Workforce availability
E. Tolerance achievability/coordination
F. Systems conflict identification/coordination
G. Maintenance of Owner operations
H. Early occupancy/phased turnover


Identify potential cost-saving opportunities through review of:

A. High-cost elements
B. Structural system selection
C. Construction sequence
D. Formwork standardization

(1)Quality in the Constructed Project – a publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers

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